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Types of Licenses

Licenses Category Description
F.L 1 License to manufacture Malt Liquor
F.L A License to manufacture Foreign Spirits locally
F.L B License to manufacture, milk punch and or Wine
F.L C License to manufacture country made foreign spirits from Spirits distilled from the coconut or any of its products other than Toddy.
F.L 3 Wholesale License
F.L 4 Retail License
F.L 6 Beer and Porter License
F.L 7 Hotel License
F.L 8 Hotel Bar License
F.L 9 Entertainment Bar License
F.L 10 Railway Refreshment Room License
F.L 11 Restaurant License
F.L 12 Rest House License
F.L 13 A Club License
F.L 14 Occasional License
F.L 15 Supplementary Licenses to extend the hours of sale.
F.L 16 Auctioneer’s License
F.L 17 Rectified Spirits License
F.L 18 Medicated Wine License
F.L 19 Special License
F.L 22 A Beer, Ale, Stout & Wine License for retail sale.
F.L 22 B Beer, Ale, Stout & Wine License for consumption in the premises.

License to tap, draw and manufacture fermented, unfermented sweet toddy.

  • Distillery License
  • License to manufacture Vinegar
  • License to refine, compound, process, spirits.

License for collection station.

  • License for fermented liquor
  • License for distilled liquor

Grade ‘A’ Hotels FL 7 FL 8
Grade ‘B’ Hotels FL 7 FL 8
Grade ‘C’ Hotels FL 7 FL 8
Grade ‘A’ Restaurants FL 11
Grade ‘B’ Restaurants FL 11
Grade ‘C’ Restaurants FL 11

Tourist Board approved premises
Irrespective of grade FL 22 B

Toddy Taverns sold by Tender.




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