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Special Units
Special Operation Bureau (S.O.B)
This Unit is under the supervision of Commissioner General of Excise. And been administered by the Commissioner of Excise (Crimes/Training). Superintendent of Excise, 02 Excise Inspectors including an Excise Officer In-charge and a staff of 15 other officers are engaged in this Unit.
This Unit bears the responsibility of curbing all excise crimes in all areas in addition to Excise Stations through out the Island.
The Manufacturing Operation Unit
This Unit which is under the Commissioner General of Excise and been administered by Excise Commissioner (Crimes/Training) and consisting of a Senior Excise Inspector, 03 Excise Inspectors, a female Corporal, a female Excise Guard and a Excise Corporal Driver.
The main functions of this Unit are the supervision of Distilleries, Liquor Manufactories and liquor wholesale licensed places. The Officers attached to this Unit inspect these places regularly and submit Technical Crime Reports if they found any offences occurring in these places. They also give advise to these establishments regarding the excise rules and regulations.
Further, this Unit maintains the statistics related to liquor manufactories and detections. The payment of rewards to Technical Crime Reports is also done under the supervision of this Unit.
The Narcotics Unit
The Narcotic Unit established for the enforcement of law under the Poisons, Opium and Dangerous Drugs ordinance is in operation at D.R Wijewardena Mawatha, Colombo 10. This Unit operates under the supervision of a Superintendent of Excise and consisting of an Officer In-charge of Excise, another 03 Excise Inspectors, Excise Sergeant Major, Excise Corporal, Excise Driver Guard and other officers.
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